Traveling in times of COVID-19

Traveling in times of COVID-19

The Corona virus pandemic has affected almost every aspects of our daily lives. Many industies on the market have been heavily affected, among which the travel industry has suffered the direst consequences. However, things are getting better. Many countries have seen a slow revival of tourism and there are many positive signs for travel in 2021.

Following the outbreak of the virus and after having witnessed the consequences it generated in the earliest affected countries, the initial global respose was to shut the borders down to foreign citizens in order to contain its spread. And Croatia was no different.

But after the initial drastic measures, the pace of the spread has greatly diminished and the summer has seen the first international travelers for their summer vacations. Croatia has had an astonishing tourism season with numbers that have surprised even the biggest optimists. By mid August we had a 68% in the number of visitors compared to 2019, which is impressive, given the situation.

Our biggest travel operators are confident that international travel will resume in 2021, having already experienced a surge in demand.  People are travelling and people are willing to travel.  What is important is get organized and be well informed.

Now more than ever, travel planners are crucial because they are at all times up to date about  travel restrictions and the rules on safety that apply in their country. If you are planning a honeymoon in Croatia for next year, we can help you get through all the important decision making, advising you on the steps that you have to take, and giving you practical tips.

There are important factors to consider in order to protect yourselves and your money before booking international travel.  

The most importat elements to check are:

*Does your travel insurance cover Covid-19 related service disruptions

*Check if your vendors’ contacts have a Covid-19 clause

*What is the cancellation and rebooking policy of the airline

This is undoubtedly a difficult and challenging time but, on the other hand, things will get back to normal and we have to go on with our lives. Planning the honeymoon you have been dreaming about your whole life can be a daily  escape from reality. Afford yourself some daydreaming!

We as a travel agent are constantly in contact with all the relevant Croatian institution and will be posting tips from  industry experts and the measures dictated by the Croatian government in order to keep you up to date on the situation. If you need any information or advice, get in touch.